PTL Series are compact, intelligent quarter turn electric actuators for the accurate control of valves with torques up to 2000 N.m. PTL is designed for on/off or modulating control of butterfly, ball, rotary plug valves or dampers in a wide range of heavy industrial, chemical and petrochemical plants, water treatment plants, on and offshore. It can be driven by 380V/110VAC power or 24V/110V DC power, inputs 4-20 mA current signal or 0-10V DC voltage signal as control signal. (CE certificate approved).

Performance Features

Actuator body — The body is made of hard aluminum alloy with anodize treatment and polyester powder coating. It is highly corrosion-resistant and waterproof level is IP67. IP68 is optional.

Motor — Fully enclosed squirrel-cage motor with small size, large torque, small inertia force and F class insulation rating. Internal hot protection switch avoids damaging of the motor.

Manual Structure — The design of spanner is safe, reliable, labor-saving and small. When the actuator is not energized, it can be operated by handle. When you don t need manual operation, put the spanner in the slot on back side of the actuator.

Limit Switch — Mechanical and electronic double limit. Mechanical limit screw is adjustable, safe and reliable. Electronic limit switch is controlled by the cam. Position of limit switch can be set accurately and conveniently by simple adjustment.

Self-lock — Precise worm and worm gear transfer large torque efficiently with low noise(max. 50 dB) and long life. The self-lock function prevents inversion and insure stability and reliability. High-effective lubricant oil has been added ex-factory, it doesn t need to add any more.

Installation - Installation size at the bottom of Electric Actuator meets international standard ISO5211 and DIN3337. The output hole is ditetragon that it is easy to install by linear or 45°. The actuator can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Circuit — Controlling circuit meets single-phase or three-phase power supply standard with reasonable and compact layout. Terminals meet various of additional functional requirements effectively.


Power Supply 110/220V AC, 1 Phase; 380/440V AC, 3 Phase; 50/60 HZ, ±10%
Power supply of Control 110/220V AC, 1 Phase; 50/60HZ, ±10%
Motor Squirrel-cage Asynchronous Motor
Limit Switch 2* on/off, SPDT, 250V AC, 10A
Auxiliary Limit Switch 2* on/off, SPDT, 250V AC, 10A
Stroke 90° ± 10° Option: 0°–270°
Failure Protection Temperature Internal thermal protection; On: 120°C + 5°C, off: 97°C ± 15°C
Indicator Continuous position indicate
Manual Operation Mechanical handle (option: handwheel)
Self-lock Devise Self-lock by worm and worm gear
Mechanical Limit External adjusting bolts (2 pieces)
Heater and Thermostat 7-10W (110/220V AC), Anti-condensation
Connecting hole M18 (2pieces)
Ambient Temperature -20°C ~+70°C
Lubrication Aluminum-base grease (EP, type)
Material Steel, Aluminum alloy, Aluminum bronze, Poly carbonate
Ambient Humidity Max 90% RH
Anti-vibration X Y Z 10g, 0.2~34HZ, 30 minutes
External Coating Dry powder, Epoxy polyester


Diagram & Dimension

The part of broken line is used for quantity control box, On-Off model don't have this size