Multi-turn valves electric actuator, known as Z. Suitable for linear motion of the valve opening and closing such as gate valve, globe valve, diaphragm valve, brake Valve, water valve etc. Used for opening and closing valve or adjustment to realize remote control, set the valve control and automatic control of essential driving devices. With complete functions, reliable performance, advanced control system, small volume, light weight, convenient in operation and maintenance etc.

Performance Features

Shell -The shell is made of aluminum alloy, with anodic oxidation treatment and polyester powder coating. It is strong corrosion-resistant and enclosure IP67,NEMA 4 and 6, IP68 and explosion-proof is optional.

Motor -Asynchronous motor, small, large torque, and small inertia force, F-class insulation rating, with thermal protection to avoid damaging.

Manual Structure -The design of handwheel is safe, reliable, labor-saving, small. Declutch to operate by handwheel if without power, and reset automatically when power on.

Space heater - It is used for controlling temperature to avoid condensing internal of housing and keep dry.

Limit switch- Mechanical, electronic double limit. Mechanical limit stopper is adjustable, safe and reliable; electronic limit switch is controlled by cam. Set position accurately and conveniently, and not affected by excessive handle.

Torque Switch - (Except OHQ-005/008/010) Providing overload protection to avoid the damage of valve and electric actuator when jammed by cutting power automatically.

Anti-off bolt—The bolt attaches to the shell and be not off when remove the shell.

Installation - The installation size meets international standard ISO5211 / DIN3337.

Circuit -Controlling circuit meets the single-phase or three-phase power supply standard, circuit layout is reasonable and compact, terminals meet various of additional functional requirements effectively.

Model Preparation

  • A for A live button, F stands for with 4-20mA output signal S with manual reduction gear.
  • TQZ stands for integrated type T stands for whole integration series.
  • Protection type: W stands for outdoor type, E stands for flameproof.
  • Output shaft circle number: most expressed with Arabic numerals.
  • Output RPM: expressed with Arabic numerals r/min
  • Connection type :E stands for thrust type I stands for power plant without code for conventional torque.
  • Rated output torque: unit KGF min Arabic numerals.
  • Product type : TQZ stands for back to the transformation of electric actuators.


Diagram & Dimension